" I am THRILLED to have received your wonderful book!

It is a trip down memory lane to see familiar faces.

I especially enjoyed reading about Gwen Templeton.  She was so precious.

Thank you for including my story.  

You did a GREAT job with the whole book, and I look forward to reading 

every page.


Gail P."



"I've read it three times and each time I get something new." 

         Gail W.

I know several people going through some stuff right now that could use  this.


"Wow! great stuff.  What an incredible vision you received! Thanks." 



Relayed from the Library Staff

One lady said that she really enjoyed the book and it has been a great help to her.

Someone else is waiting for it to be checked back in.  

Legendary Locals of Grand Prairie


Do you have a new book coming out anytime soon? The last time - I only got a few of your books on Grand Prairie and they were wonderful Christmas gifts for several of mine and Brad's friends from Grand Prairie  

Rude Awakening


You know I want several copies of each please. Rude Awakening made me laugh out loud and feel sorry for you and your 'fixer upper' attempt.   


General Statements

MGF Services

" You're very  good at what you do Pam.  You have done all my office work with great speed and accuracy,,, thanks for all your help Pam."  Kenny

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Living in the Fire

Inspiring non fiction 


  • In October 2015  Pamela shared about her books.  This interview starts with a discussion on Living in the Fire.  How God manifests in our life through difficult circumstances providing strength and knowledge which sustains and changes us.  Many times we don't see the miracles of His love through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in the midst of hardship, loss, and trial.  But afterwards we look back and far more appreciate how a loving and faithful God has worked in our lives and the lives of those around us.  Listen now for what will prove to be an encouraging discussion with Sissy Ellison and Pamela Flynt Knight. 

Online Magazine Article

Voyage Dallas wrote about Pamela Flynt Knight in their on-line magazine.  

BIZ TV Interview

Pamela was the first interview on the Mark Jockel Show.  You can still enjoy it.